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About Tech-Act
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Our solution Tech-Act provides, authorized certification and training for a wide range of IT programs, including Microsoft, COMPTIA and leading cyber security courses.Our solution help professionals get ahead in the thriving IT  & Digital Marketing industry.

Students or organizations can also select the learning format within group and individual learning models. The student help desk helps organizing or facilitating the visit to India for International students and outstation students from other parts of India. The services provided by the student helpdesk are add on services offered to make it convenient or easy for our students to plan their training. Click here to visit Tech-Act.

Learning Models

Traditional Classroom

How It Works:

Tech-Act provides face to face training to students at its facilities in Mumbai, India. Our students visit us from various countries for training. Students have to register online or speak to our sales representative to select the course and class they wish to attend. We make it easy for students by providing related support services such as accommodation, airport shuttle, daily cab, visa assistance etc for their visit to our facilities in India.


The traditional classroom training not only helps one polish one’s IT skills and get certified but also makes the whole learning experience more enriching. It provides opportunities to interact with likeminded, technically inclined students from different parts of the world. In addition it has a lighter dimension of a possible side holiday excursion for the weekend to nearby locations that our student helpdesk facilitates.

Online Instructor Led

How It Works:

Tech-Act provides instructor led online training services using its customized LMS (Learning management system). The student first selects the course he/she wishes to enroll in by talking to our sales representative or registering online. Student only needs to ensure he/ she has a high speed internet connection. There after the process of registration and set up to access the LMS is made easy by our process support executives.


Distance learning is the future of education and is increasingly getting world-wide acceptance. It is soon expected to exceed traditional classroom training globally. It can be considered as classroom experience from anywhere in the world. There are no travel related issues making it more convenient with some additional flexibility for students who opt for it.

Tutoring Hours

How It Works:

Self paced learning is when a student signs up and accesses online course content to learn at one’s own pace. Interactions with instructors are held as per pre-determined schedule. It is similar to virtual tutoring but without the continuous availability of an instructor. The student first selects the course he/she wishes to enroll in by talking to our sales representative or registering online. Student only needs to ensure he/ she has a high speed internet connection. There after the process of registration and set up to access the LMS is made easy by our process support executives.


The most important benefit of this training method is freedom of time and ability for the student to pursue his learning as personal time availability. Along with this benefit the student continues to enjoy the benefits of in-person training at a structured time interval.Engage in interactive conversations with the instructors and exchange ideas for a better learning experience.

Enrollment Process

Step 1 – Choose Course & Format

Tech-Act provides students several technical certifications and training courses to choose from. Our Technical Learning Executives (TLEs) help interested candidates make the right choice using certification road maps, course overviews and choice methodologies recommended by the original certification providers. Students or organizations can also select the learning format within group and individual learning models.

Step 2 – Scheduling & Pricing

Tech-Act provides high quality training and certifications at affordable prices. Depending on the course selected, learning model, training format and the candidate’s time needs our TLEs “Technical Learning Executives” will help choose the most suitable schedule available for group learning. Individual learning scheduling is worked out based candidate needs and availability of the trainers.

Step 3 – Registration

Once candidates have chosen a course and schedule, they need to register for it. Registration requires the candidate to providing full name, basic profile information, contact information, billing information and some other relevant details. Registration ensures that the candidate’s seat is blocked as per the agreed schedule for the course selected.

Step 4 – Make a Deposit / Payment

It is necessary to secure the registration through a deposit payment. The deposit payment is $1000 and it is part of the total fee. The candidate then has to pay the difference towards the balance amount at commencement of training. Various payment methods can be used to make the deposit including credit / debit cards, wire transfers and check payments (for specific corporate requirements only).

Step 5 – Setting Up & Logistics

All our training model and formats are delivered on a customized LMS (Learning Management System). On receipt of the deposit payment our process executive team sets up a login and password for the student’s access to the LMS and updates them through a phone call and email.

Step 6 – Be Prepared for Training

Courseware is provided in digital formats by the principal in most cases. If requested sufficiently in advance the physical copies of the courseware can be sent to the student at an extra cost. To be prepared well, it is advisable but not necessary for the student to overview the contents of the program. It is also advisable to login and familiarize oneself with the LMS.

Standard Terms & Conditions

1. General

We believe in ethical conduct of business and consider protecting the information exchanged as a central need for all participants. We agree to NDA as maybe requested by corporate clients. Students and Employees also have an NDA as a part of the standard terms of engagement.

2. Fees

Fees include course materials, exam and training services depending on the package selected by the candidates. Discount vouchers are processed if applicable based on our understanding with the principal course publisher. Students need to check at time of registration. We follow of principle of transparency and there are no hidden charges applicable.

3. Refunds

We believe in providing de-risked solutions. Our mission is to ensure complete student satisfaction with services they avail from Tech-Act. Hence we have a clear refund policy that defines the boundaries concerning various factors that may lead to need for refunds. These include quality of training, scheduling, facilitation services and others as applicable. The refund policy also covers the refund processing rules.

4. Terms

We have a set of standard terms that ensure that the interests of the client, student and Tech-Act are mutually safe-guarded. They cover a range of subjects that are part of a training organization or service and are followed as a standard practice globally. Please see terms and conditions for details.

5. Facilitation Services

Tech-Act provides add on services with the intent of facilitating the student and enabling him or her to take the training course. These are not our primary services and we offer these to students more as a form of convenience and coordination. A transparent and honest approach ensures that students are always satisfied with the facilitation services and fees associated with it that are provided by Tech-Act. Please see terms and conditions for details.

6. Schedules

Our goal with respect to scheduling is to offer adequate structure combined with some flexibility. For group training services students can change the group class based on certain conditions, time limits and availability. For individual training we have a well defined framework for meeting and review schedules. Please see terms and conditions for details.

Business Testimonials

” We have worked with Enlink on various software development initiatives & technology enabled services. Our experience has been outstanding. The Enlink team is professional, knowledgeable and accommodating to needs no matter what time of day. They helped us to re-develop our software for our client and they took the product to a whole new level. Our clients have been extremely happy with the end result. We continue to expand our partnership to include hosting, software maintenance as well as the development of additional software products and business services. “

Jeff W. Mallory

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